#Moodle Tip Roundup

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Here's a quick roundup of Moodle Tips, all of which are now linked at MoodleMayhem.org...I'd gotten a little lazy adding them to the index. I hope they are helpful to folks who may have missed them the first few times they came out.

Be sure to explore Tom Barrett's initiated, user-contributed slideshow on Interesting Ways to Use #Moodle in the Classroom.

Moodle 2.0

Migrating Database from 1.9 to 2.0 readiness - A quick overview of how to convert your existing Moodle 1.9 MyISAM type MySQL database to INNODB type required for Moodle 2.x.

Moodle 1.9


  1. MetaCourses: The Moodle Commons - Learn about how you can share resources with a variety of courses using a metacourse.
  2. Distinguishing between Moodle and Wiki - How do you decide which way to encourage a classroom teacher?
  3. 10 Instructional Use Scenarios for Moodle - The following is a list of some of what you can do with Moodle, the free, open source course management system.
  4. Timed Posts in Moodle Discussion Forums - This tip shares how to mark a discussion forum post so that it appears at a specific future date rather than immediately.
  5. The Value of Separate Groups in Moodle Course Organization - This tip shows you how to use Separate Groups feature with their own enrollment key to teach multiple classes using ONE course, rather than backing up and restoring courses for each class. Revisiting Groups
  6. Recording Audio into Moodle Discussion Posts - Learn how to record audio into discussion forum postings using specialized module.
  7. Learn How to Import ExamView Test Questions into Moodle Quiz Activity - This tip allows you to easily import ExamView content into Moodle Quiz Activity, great for working with prepackaged assessments. Includes video and screenshots.
  8. Reading Messages Students Send - This post offers various solutions on how to read messages students send to each other via Moodle.
  9. Embedding Poll Everywhere in Moodle
  10. Mentoring Students with Autocreate Groups and/or Learning Diary


  1. Setting Up Moodle Servers - Some advice on how to accomplish this to optimize performance. This is untried advice so be warned and be adventurous!
  2. Session Cookies - Have more than one moodle on your server? here's how to keep them from fighting over the cookies!
  3. Adding a Photo Gallery - Walks through adding a photo gallery to your Moodle. Quite easy to use and impressive tool available.
  4. Removing "Topic Outline" and "Available Courses" from your Moodle - It can be annoying to see these words appear where you don't want them. Here are several approaches.
  5. Empowering Teachers to Create/Delete Users - Give teachers the authority only administrators have to create and remove students from their course, without giving them full admin rights.
  6. Quick Backup of a Moodle Database - Some tips on backing up your Moodle, especially on a Mac, using no-cost tools.
  7. Keeping Moodle Safe - Some accumulated tips on how to protect your Moodle against spam, etc.
  8. Moodle Cron Job Automation - Cron jobs make Moodle go. Find out how here.
  9. Handling Student Accounts and Email - Here are some suggestions on what to do about managing student accounts and email.
  10. 3 Tips for RSS Feeds - Want RSS feeds for your discussion forums? Want to remix Moodle Feeds or pull in remote RSS feeds? This is the entry to read!
  11. Moodle-Google Integration - Find out about how to integrate Moodle and Google, to simplify account management for students and educators using GoogleApps for Education.
  12. Finding Moodle Hosts - Can't host Moodle on your own server? Use one on the web.
  13. Copying Content from One Course to Another - A walkthrough of how to import content from one course to another. Saves time and energy to do it this way!
  14. Reducing Spam Risk with reCaptcha and Spam Domain list - Some things you can do to protect against spam if you have to do email authentication/self-registration in Moodle.
  15. Free Themes for Moodle - As soon as I installed Moodle, I started looking for ways to "liven" it up and found a treasure trove of free themes.
  16. Enabling Embedding of Video Playlists - This upcoming tutorial shows you where to click to enable TeacherTube, YouTube videos, etc. and videos from various providers in your Moodle sidebar (or anywhere).
  17. RSS Feed Consolidation - This tip shows you how to take multiple Moodle Forum RSS feeds and consolidate them into one using free services, either as a new RSS feed to share or to display content.
  18. Embedding FLV Videos in Moodle Labels, HTML Pages - This tip documents how to enable the multimedia filter so that FLVs can be embedded in Labels and HTML Resources.
  19. Print from Any Page in Moodle - This tip documents how to set it up so you can print from various Moodle pages. It all depends on how much trouble you want to go through when updating Moodle.
  20. Optimizing Your Moodle MySQL Tables - Ever notice Moodle running slow? Maybe it's your Moodle's MySQL database need to be optimized. This tip walks you through the process.
  21. Turning Off Moodle's Messaging Service - Sometimes, messaging can be a distraction in Moodle. Learn how to turn it off.
  22. Changing from User Authentication settings--from External DBase to Manual--en masse - This tip allows you to bulk-change user authentication settings that may need changing.
  23. Top Moodle Blocks, Filters, and Modules - Enhancing Moodle is all well and good but how do you know what enhancements to make? Here are a few that I prefer and I'm open to suggestions.
  24. Embedding Animoto Video in Your Moodle - A quick tutorial on how to embed video from Animoto into Moodle, including screenshots as well.
  25. Copying Resources from One Course to Another - Create an awesome Book, web page or survey you want to move from one Moodle Course to another but just hate the import process? Then, this is the tip for you!
  26. Converting a Moodle XML File (Glossary file) to RTF/Doc Format - Some conversion tips for how to accomplish this.
  27. Repairing Your MySQL Database - Part 1 and Part 2 
  28. Moodle Automatic Login for Guest
  29. Updating User Accounts en masse
  30. Sorting Moodle Course Categories Alphabetically
  31. Mass Create Moodle Courses
  32. Online Typing Tutors in Moodle
  33. Modifying Course Enrollment Keys en masse
  34. Duplicating a Moodle Instance
  35. Installing DragMath Equation Editor in Moodle

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