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Both the science and math departments at my school possess software that came with the district's textbooks. The software enables teachers to create tests from a database contained in the software once installed on their machines.

The specific software is called EXAMVIEW. As stated before, EXAMVIEW is part of the textbook adoption and also comes with an application on the disk called Examview TestPlayer. Once a teacher develops a test, it may be exported to a LAN-based environment. TestPlayer is required to use/open a test on the put on the LAN; however, the application program (TestPlayer) is also requires Installation on the LAN and must be linked back to the LAN-based tests so the application program automatically launches when a student opens the LAN-Based test.

Long story short...I know I have a MOODLE site and I can install a LAN-based test there; however, how can I also install the necessary TestPlayer software and link it to the tests in such a manner that when students "click" on the test, the TestPlayer automatically launches? If I can't do this myself, can you suggest a more elegant solution (luv the phrase you used during a training session;-) or provide a tech department contact who can assist me?

The end-game is to have the flexibility to create TEKS-based tests, put them on a LAN network and pull student performance data on tested students in order to assess student learning. I've provided links to the EXAMVIEW website with video tutorials on installation on a LAN.

Solution - Last week when this email came into my inbox, I sent out a tweet and eInstruction responded. They are the folks that make ExamView, so I was thrilled to get a response from them. However, the solution they offered was pretty much straight text.

Given the availability of easy video recording tools (e.g. screencapturing,screencasting), I decided to use Jing Pro to do a quick recording of my process.

Video Tutorial for ExamView into Moodle (MP4) - You can see the results here.
Now, be aware that this is a rough-cut screencast, so don't expect anything incredibly amazing from my audio! It was my third take (ok, fourth) that finally resulted into something I felt comfortable sharing. This video is shared under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-NC-Attribution. Feel free to remix it, improve it, repost it everywhere within CC boundaries.

Here's the text instructions from eInstruction Support Forum...I've tried to add some screenshots to illustrate and perhaps, added a step here and there:


1. Build or open a test/question bank in ExamView.

2. From the File menu, choose Export, then Blackboard 6.0 7.0. A save dialog will open.

3. Set the location where you want to save the exported file. Enter a filename, and click the Save button. The question content will be saved as a ".zip" file.

4. Complete the dialog options with any entry. These dialog options are not used by Moodle but are required to complete the export process for Blackboard.

5. Click OK to complete the export. The questions and any images (including equations, which are converted to images) are compressed into a zip file. These images must each be uploaded into Moodle and re-linked to the question separate from uploading the question content.

Now, switch to your Moodle Course.

6. Using the FILES option in Moodle, create a new folder to house the Examview files and upload the zipped file.

Make a folder..."Science_Week1" for example

Click on the folder to go into it...

Upload your zip file:

Be sure to click on UNZIP then click OK.

You should now see this:

Note the files created. You are interested in the res00000.dat file since that is the one that holds your questions.

Using your Moodle breadcrumbs, return to the topic view of the course.

7. Add an Activity - QUIZ. Fill in the information (name of the quiz, etc) and choose to SAVE AND DISPLAY (button).

After displaying the quiz, notice these tabs that appear.

8. Create a new category for this import. This category will house the new questions you are working with and will prevent your Examview questions from getting mixed in with all the other questions you may have created.

9. Go to EDIT and then click on the IMPORT tab.

Keep in mind:
  • Select the Category you created earlier (e.g. Science_Week1) from the drop-down list.
  • Click the "Import questions from file" hyperlink from below the "Create new question" pull-down list.
  • Select Blackboard from the File format pull-down list.
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to the extracted files.
  • Select the res00000.dat file to upload by clicking CHOOSE.
10. Click the "IMPORT FROM THIS FILE" button.

11. A summary page of the imported questions will appear. Click the Continue button to complete the import process.

12. Once you add the newly added questions to the Quiz, you'll see them show up in Preview.

Note that any ExamView questions imported into Moodle Quiz are ready to go and grades get assigned as normal in Moodle!

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Kurt Paccio said…
Interesting technique. I wonder if a teacher could import the entire textbook testbank into Moodle in a similar fashion and build quizzes from within Moodle?
Justin Davis said…
I think Moodle will let you do that...

Justin Davis

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Justin Davis
Chris said…
You don't mention the pictures that may be associated with the answers. I've followed the directions here, but the pictures are coming in as text instead of the image. Is there a specific place to put the pictures after uploading and adding the questions/answers?
teachlearn23 said…
Thanks for the awesome tutorial! It worked like a charm.
LizDeToro said…
Images can't be uploaded in this manner. Check out the video for more details on how to upload test with images.
LizDeToro said… There is no easy way to upload test with images. You need to re-link the images into the test within Moodle which posses to be very tedious and frustrating.
Instructional Designer

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