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An online learning teacher sent me the following email:
When I set up groups,  I was under the understanding that if I needed to reopen a course so that everyone couldn’t access it, that I would use groups.  I think I had one student to disregard the new group enrollment key and go in on the old enrollment since once you enter a course, the enrollment key is not needed.

Am I setting up the groups incorrectly?  And do I need to put dates in and then when the course is reopened with a new enrollment key, change the dates.  I guess I am still not understanding groups completely so that is why I called you.  I am not sure I am even making myself clear.
Here's an excerpt of my response:

Let's take the items you mention one by one:

1) Setting dates for a course
Basically, you're trying to limit students to six weeks to complete the course and then disallow future enrollments for students who haven't signed up. My best guess, as I understand your question, is to limit the end date of enrolments, as shown in the image below. You can find this in the settings for your course.

2) Student disregards enrollment - To force students to be in groups, you can't use a course that previously had "old enrollments." You have to backup the old course, restore it and then change the enrollment key for the course in the settings (to prevent studens from using). Once that's done, setup your groups in the course with enrollment keys and only give the group key to each student. For example, if Tom, Dick and Harry are in different groups (A, B, C), then each would get the following:

Course A, Group A
Enrollment Key: groupa123!

Course A, Group B
Enrollment Key: groupb234!

Course A, Group B
Enrollment Key: groupc345! 

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