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Moodle-Google integration:
Moodle-GoogleApps Integration

Moodlerooms and Google have worked together to build a state of the art integration. The 1.0 version of the integration provides:

1. Moodle users are automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail).

2. When you log in to Moodle, you are automatically logged in to Google Apps.

3. A Gmail block in Moodle displays your latest Gmail messages when you login to the Moodle Front Page.

4. A Google Apps block on the Moodle Front Page displays links to your Google Start Page, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail.

5. A Google Widget shows a link to Moodle on the Google side.

Update: 02/26/2009
I recently setup a Moodle from scratch (I didn't have a test Moodle setup on my Macbook running Ubuntu Intrepid, so....) and decided to install the Moodle-Google integration. Here's what the new options looked like during installation:

The only configuration option that I'm stuck on now--without reading the documentation as recommended during installation--is the the Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication code.

Single Sign-on API - SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) provides full control over the authorization and authentication of user accounts that access web based applications (like GMail or Calendar). Available to Premier Edition only. Learn more about SAML SSO Reference.
To set this up properly and create the SSO, I would have to have to be using my GoogleApps for Education setup (which I have but not at the moment). More details on setup appear here. To be honest, I probably won't go that far at this need.

Once you get into Moodle course, you can add these items as's what the Block menu looks like. Notice about mid-way down, you'll see Gmail, GoogleApps, and Google User Sync.

Here's what the blocks actually look like when deployed:

Again, notice that because I didn't fill in the right configuration options, nothing appears. I'd love to see what it looks like when actually working, but that will require someone with a GoogleApps domain for business, education, not a personal GoogleApps domain (like what I have access to).

Finally, check out the Moodle Tip Roundup, Moodle Habitudes, and Moodle Mambo!

Update 03/04/2009: Rusty Meyners (Eustace ISD) shares the following:

Google Apps Education Edition - "Moodle-Google"

Google Apps is an online and web-based office productivity (documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations a la Powerpoint, etc.) suite from Google that has free and premium services. Google Apps Education has features of the Premium service but is free for school districts that apply for it and their users. Moodle-Google is the name given to the integration of Google Apps into Moodle, with the key feature of combining their login procedure so that when a user logs into Moodle, they are automatically logged into the Google Apps account that has already been created for them and all they need to do is use the Moodle link to gain access.

Google Apps represents one of the most important examples of so-called "WEB 2.0" or "Cloud Computing" by providing productivity applications with collaboration features and personal document storage from any Internet web browser on any public, private or borrowed computer.

This wiki will try to provide direction for those who want to use Google Apps as well as those who want to integrate it with Moodle.

Setup Single Sign-on Integration of Google Apps for Education and Moodle

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Clif Mims said…
I couldn't find any videos or images of this. It sounds like a useful breakthrough but I don't have access to a Moodle installation to try this out. I'd appreciate anyone sharing screenshots, screencasts, etc. of this in action.
Thanks, Miguel. Great headsup!
Miguel said…
@Clif, I've added screenshots to this but got stumped at Google SSO creation and integration. I could be wrong but I can't do it without a business/education GoogleApps account, which I have but...would require some additional work.

Hoping this is helpful,
Ben Wilkoff said…
I did a post where I went through all of the steps and it works well, amazingly well:
Ben Wilkoff said…
Sorry about not thanking you for the screenshots. Thanks for all of your helpful pushes in this direction.

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