Tootorials (Updated: 12/6/2022)

Howdy, here's a round up of all my Fediverse tutorials or tootorials. Hope they are useful to you. My purpose in crafting them was to learn more about the Fediverse tools featured below. I have a lot to learn, but who knows, you may find what I share worthwhile.Everything is shared under Creative Commons ShareAlike-NonCommercial, so have fun!

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Stuff to Read First

 Technical Tips

Nice To Know

Video Series

  • Part 1 - Introductions and Selecting a Mastodon Instance that is focused on Education
  • Part 2 - Exploring Mastodon Preferences, including Importing Following Lists of EduTooters (or how to quickly add people to follow to your list) 
  • Part 3 A discussion of apps to use on smartphones and tablets 
  • Part 4 - Migrating from One Mastodon Instance to Another
  • Part 5 - How to Set Up Your Profile, Bio, and Pin a Post
  • Part 6 - Importing the EduTooters List


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