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Since some folks are encountering confusion, I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit Mastodon account creation, how to select an instance, customize the preferences, and more. While I know it's not original fare, it may be useful to those who would like a bit of a walk through before jumping. Or, want to listen to me share my insights after having gone through Mastodon account creation.

Of course, I may have rambled a little on the subject and now have several videos for your consideration, each exploring various aspects of Mastodon. I will be sure to add more in the future, but this is what I have for now:

Part 1 - Introductions and Selecting a Mastodon Instance that is focused on Education


Part 2 - Exploring Mastodon Preferences, including Importing Following Lists of EduTooters (or how to quickly add people to follow to your list)


Part 3 -  A discussion of apps to use on smartphones and tablets

Part 4 - Migrating from One Mastodon Instance to Another


If you're wondering what the old account looks like AFTER you've redirected to the new one, see this screen capture below:

Note the red box has my new address and the message that I've moved. The rest of the image is greyed out to signify, I'm no longer at my old address.

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