Tootorial: Making Backups of Your #Mastodon Account

Earlier this week, the instance admin suggested everyone make backups of everything. At that point, I realized I hadn't explored how to make backups of everything in Mastodon's web client. 

The process is pretty easy, thank goodness, and happens all on one page:

Lots of CSV (comma-separated values) files you can save to your device. Once you've gotten those saved, if the worst should happen, you can reimport the CSV files on the IMPORT tab.

 You can import several different files, as you can see from the drop down displayed below:

For me, the Following List is the most important since that's the list of EVERYONE you are following. I'd hate to lose that since it took a long time to put together (er, well, not in the case of EduTooters who were kind enough to add themselves via a Google Form). 

Also super important to me is the Bookmarks files. That's where I save info I've noticed for future projects.

That's pretty much it. Very easy. 

The Archive

Under the Data Export option, you may see this message:

You can request an archive of your posts and uploaded media. The exported data will be in the ActivityPub format, readable by any compliant software. You can request an archive every 7 days.

I requested my archive and after a bit, I received this email:

I downloaded m archive, and then, pretty much stopped there. I'm not sure what to make of the compressed file, a gzip files. Fortunately, I had 7z installed on my computer, so I used that to open and extract the archive file.

At this point, I'm not sure what to do. I did a quick Google search for a viewer, but no luck.

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