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ORIGINAL POST: 11/12/2022

Someone, I forget who, wondered "Why hasn't anyone called their Mastodon tutorials, tootorials?" So, I am going to do just that. I've been crafting tootorials that document my own journey through Mastodon
conversation space. I have enough that it's worth writing a blog entry just about them:

  • Education Friendly Mastodon Instances - A short list of education-friendly Mastodon instances that you can start out with. I also include 7 quick steps you can take to get started.
  • Tips for Using Mastodon - This is a list of tips and suggestions for Mastodon. It's a quick read but I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from fellow newbies that it assisted them in their journey. Of course, a more experienced tooter said "This was great, but I've already done all of this." That's fair.
  • Posting Animated GIFs - This tootorial explores the difference between the stock Mastodon app (which doesn't allow you to do certain things) and other more powerful apps, ranging from no-cost to $3. I include recommendations for which apps work best on iOS and Android, as well as desktop and browser based alternative apps.
  • Connect with Other Educators - While there are a variety of Mastodon communities/instances that cater to educators, it's also fascinating to find people who you knew in #EduTwitter. This list makes that possible for you to pick out folks that are in education and in your area of interest.

    What's more, there is a group that you can join that allows you to toot to others who are in the group. Simply add #EduTooters @edutooters@a.gup.pe to the end every toot you want to share with the education group (over 70 people now) and they will see it. What's cool is that this reaches across Mastodon instances. Be sure to read about the Firefox add-on to simplify following people.

  • Finding EduFolx - A list of Mastodon instances set up by organizations, as well as more about finding people, and the problems and inevitability with that.

  • #Tootorial - Importing #FollowingList Members for #Mastodon - Learn how to import people to follow into your Following list via the Mastodon web preferences.

  • Finding People in the Fediverse - I wrote this originally featuring Fedsearch.io, a search engine that stopped working. However, there are other tools available here. However, I've added some additional tips to make finding people in the Fediverse, or Mastodon in particular, easier. Of course, Mastodon itself doesn't make it easy to find others because it would go against the agreement of protecting members against attack, etc. Think of it as a witness protection program for those who have been harmed. In fact, here's a nice  write-up of the Mastodon culture.

  • Tootorial for Making Backups of Your Mastodon Data - A quick exploration of how to make backups of your Mastodon items.

Ok, so that's my short list, but I'll be adding to it. But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the following:

Notable Twitter Users in the Fediverse

For #TwitterMigrations folks, something that elicited some grumbling from Mastodon long-timers was this Notable Twitter Users in the Fediverse list someone created. 

As I perused it, I found a few "famous" twitter personalities I would love to follow. Obviously this is a violation of the Mastodon culture because these kinds of lists shouldn't exist. 

For those of us who are coming from Twitter, who are looking for familiarity in the form of old friends and colleagues, as well as interacting with authors and celebrities as we did on Twitter, these kinds of lists are welcome.

 Looking over the list, I stumbled on a few folks I wanted to connect with in the Fediverse, in addition to all the other wonderful, welcoming strangers I have encountered via Mastodon instances:

I could note that I've written blog entries about Anthea Butler, Greg M. Epstein, Jeff Jarvis, Martin Dougiamas, and it's great to not lose touch with these folks and their ideas. For Jen Mercieca and Paul Krugman, well, great folks to follow for news. I don't know the rest of the people on the list, but it might be fun to explore that list to see who else I could learn from.

Fediverse.to Search

This looks like an amazing website to explore. I haven't as of this blog entry, but I am looking forward to it. I wish I had known about it BEFORE I embarked on my Fediverse/Mastodon journey a few years ago, floundering on Mastodon instances I didn't know much about and that weren't aligned to my interests.

 There is so much depth to the Fediverse, I'm looking forward to learn more and sharing my journey. I hope you will do the same!

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