In the Browser: #Translating Languages Fast on #Mastodon in the #Fediverse

While there may be a new translation feature coming for Mastodon web interface, I haven't seen it yet. What happens when you're having a conversation with someone from Finland?

As you can see, I was meeting folks from Finland. I needed to be able to highlight text in the browser, then translate it to a language I speak/read (e.g. Spanish/English). To get it going, I added a browser extension to make translation on the fly easier.

Read accompany article on creating word clouds


The first one listed is what I used, but you'll see others listed:

Firefox Browsers

Chrome/Chromium Browsers

There are lots of great Chrome extensions to translate, but I found TransOver on Chrome to work great, as you can see can see I highlighted text in Spanish, but I'm able to read it in English (if I needed to):


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