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Want to see more #Mastodon instances? @JPoesen has you covered. Scroll down to see the list at this link. Some of the ones that jump out at me include these...I wish there were more non-profit education associations listed here, but eventually, they will catch on and "make it happen."

Image Source: https://github.com/nathanlesage/academics-on-mastodon

 I love that image! Amazing.


Non-profit / Social profit / NGO

In the meantime, educators need not wait. Toot and connect via the #EduTooters hashtag, and connect with everyone on the EduTooters list  (in Google Forms/Sheets) so you can add them to your list of following easily.

You can also find Mastodon instances using this search:  

The Big List of Lists

Speaking of educator lists, there is now a "meta-list," as Doug Holton terms it:

This list of over 130 #educators on #mastodon set up by @mguhlin has now been added to this meta-list of folks from different #academic disciplines: https://github.com/nathanlesage/academics-on-mastodon
The @edutooters group was as added as well.
See this post for more info on the form to add yourself, viewing the list, and importing the list as a CSV file for following https://www.mguhlin.org/2022/11/edutooters-unite-connect-with-twitter.html

#EduTooter #EdTech #Teaching #Teacher #EdResearch

github pull request: https://github.com/nathanlesage/academics-on-mastodon/pull/48/commits/00698ce059f5394ba68eb8d181fd89ebb9617021

You can read on the page (I'm guessing Nathan LeSage, who appears to have created the meta-list, wrote this):

The following are curated lists of academic accounts on Mastodon by discipline. If you would like to start your own group, head over to the original repository, fork it, adapt it, and publish it. Then, make sure to add your list here by proposing a pull request!

These lists are opt-in only, so if you would like to appear on one or more of these lists, click their link. The lists provide instructions. Many lists even provide a form which you can fill in yourself. If you notice that a list violates the opt-in principle, please notify us so that we can take action.

Opt-In and Search

The opt-in idea is important. For those who want a more organic approach, as Simon Keily pointed out to me after I created the EduTooters Google Form/Sheet allowing people to better find each other. As I shared before, search engines in the Fediverse are frowned upon. This is because they potentially endanger those who may be threatened by crazy folks out to get them because of who they are, how they identify, what they believe. 

Dr. Amy Diehl shared another search here:

Here's a Mastodon tool to search for users by name across instances. It also returns Twitter accounts in the results. https://search.noc.social

This prompted my reflection (among others):

I suspect that this may not hold up going forward as well as it has in the past. That’s not to say it shouldn’t, only that it might be unsuppressable info. To restrict search may come across as a lack of transparency or censorship so many esteem even if it means a loss of privacy.
Wasn’t there an Alaska Daily episode that suggested the public’s right to know trumps privacy? I am not a journalist myself, but this seems irresistible to me to share, perhaps worse for a journalist. But then, I know little.

 The public's right to know. Something worth exploring in more detail. I suspect I will be reading more articles like the one below:

DOES THE PRESS have the right to revisit a story, throwing renewed light on a private family and exposing them to unwanted attention without their permission? When do ordinary people lose their right to be left alone just because they have been involuntarily thrust into the limelight by the news media?
What qualifies as sufficiently “newsworthy” to allow the press to expose the private lives of private people to the glare of publicity, and who gets to decide?

What do you think?

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