Exploring a New Device - #Frame.work

Yesterday, @nosherwan@fosstodon.org made me aware of a type of computer I was unfamiliar with, the Framework:

A thin, light, high-performance 13.5” notebook that’s designed to last that’s totally upgradeable that respects your right to repair that’s optimized for Linux that respects the planet

He points out:

So https://frame.work sell #laptops upgradable or repairable by users. They also provide great support for linux. Additionally you can attach an egpu with it for good graphics power. Here is a video by Elevated systems that goes into detail by using an egpu with #framework laptop.

I immediately explored the options, and decided this would be my next computer:

Yikes, that price is quite high. But, I'd never have to worry about using it then throwing it away. I could upgrade the components! Wouldn't that be cool?

But then, I asked nosh, "What about a powerful video card?"

He then said, "Why do you need powerful graphics though. You know you can attach an external gpu inclosure to it with a graphics card if you need it?"

Of course I didn't know that.

So much to learn. :-)

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