#EduTooters Unite: Connect with #Twitter #Educators on #Mastodon (Updated 11/19/22)

As Twitter undergoes lots of exciting changes, over 6.5 million* (as of 11/13/2022) have found a home in the Fediverse, which someone said is 2M since November 19, 2022. Wow. Why those 1M left may be because of various reasons but increased perceived/actual instability on the part of Twitter and it's new "leadership." Probably also trying to avoid the hate speech, abuse, and bitter politics. As an educator, I don't know about you, but that's not what I got into using Twitter for. 

Need or want to learn more about how to optimize your Mastodon experience? Some tips and suggestions appear here - 

Mastodon Tutorials and Video Walkthroughs

Also, check out how to post animated GIFs for Mastodon.

Follow the EduTooters Group - @edutooters@a.gup.pe

Here's what following screen looks like....Join up now. No one can see who signs up. :-)

1 - Add Yourself to EduTooters List via Google Form Submission
Please create a Mastodon account, then add yourself via this Google Form. Please know that your Twitter and Mastodon username (along with hashtags) will be available to other educators (or anyone who cares to look). 

2- View Results
See results at https://tinyurl.com/edutooters and then follow like-interested colleagues. There is also now a meta-list you can look at...find it online.

3 - Get People into the Mastodon Import Screen

Follow these simple instructions to get the list imported into your Mastodon Following List.

There are over 250 people on the list. Wow!

 Find me at @mguhlin@qoto.org

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Hi, this is going to be exciting.

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