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If one of the hardest questions for folks new to Mastodon is, "Which server do I join?" then this blog entry is for you. Thanks to the magnificent Doug Holton, find a list of Mastodon instances that are friendly to educators. If you've been living under a rock, you know that there is a MASS EXODUS (already 6.5 million people, 1.5M since October 27, 2022) from Twitter. Here's why I am leaving.

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The reason I'm leaving isn't because of my politics, or 'cause Musk is doing everything wrong at Twitter (that's not my opinion, but the opinion of lots of folks...just pick a major news source). It's not because Twitter came up TWICE in National Public Radio (NPR) news stories TODAY, a Saturday of all days. 

It's because privacy experts are saying, "Leave. LEAVE NOW." 

Super Friendly Folks

Folks on Mastodon are friendly, so long as you add alt-text to your images/GIFs/videos, and pop up content warnings for content that might give offense or traumatize someone.

Some conversations may be more technical or lean towards scholarly. Even my "home," which I've signed up to give money to on a monthly basis, hcommons.social, is a bit more scholarly than I'm accustomed to. I just know my conversation this morning while I was getting my vehicle inspected (State) was with someone practicing Socratic Questioning.

That aside, I'm following people from everywhere and hcommons is a great place to hang out. I have to admit that I'm enjoying the discussions of history and language by professors.

Of course, I've already run into some of my favorite authors (such as Trader Tales author Dr. Nathan Lowell, who has a Ph.D in Educational Technology) and Michael A. Stackpole. I'm glad I don't suffer from Imposter Syndrome because everyone on the hcommons is WAY smarter than me. They have been kind to boost my toots and "favorite" my contributions. Thank you all!

A Sample Introduction

Here's a sample introduction that people write when they first join a Masodon instance. Notice the embedded introductions. 

Kathleen Fitzpatrick
It occurs to me that I haven't done a proper #introduction on this new instance! My formal job title is Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English at Michigan State University, but alongside that I also direct #MeshResearch, a lab focused on building open-source interoperable tools for new forms of scholarly communication. I'm also director of #HumanitiesCommons, a scholarly network serving something like 50,000 users across the humanities and around the world.* And of course I'm one of your friendly neighborhood hcommons.social admins.

My #research interests circulate around the future of #scholarlyCommunication, as one component of thinking about how #universities might become more #open, more #generous spaces for cultural and intellectual work. Of late, that interest has led me to thinking a lot about #leadership and #governance, and particularly ways that they can be more #collective and #collaborative.

Isn't that cool? A professor of English AND an open source technical whiz.

Education Focused Mastodon Instances

Let's take a quick look at Doug Holton's list:

 I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that you can connect with all the EduTooters using a hashtag AND by following the @edutooters group

Doug toots the following note with the list:

If you know of others, feel free to reply. See this guide by @clintlalonde on switching servers, if you so choose: https://edtechfactotum.com/migrating-to-a-new-mastodon-home/

Note: your posts won't transfer to the new server, but your followers/following can. You might consider donating to help them w/server costs

He also shares:

If your primary role is #education, #teaching, #edresearch, #edtech, etc., see these directions by @mguhlin for adding yourself to a list of #educators on #mastodon:

View the list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1beJHWsuB0MJDMqeg_q8pBRWRdQImY-n8E6PttoJLFaM/edit?usp=sharing

You can even follow everyone on the list by exporting & importing a CSV file: https://www.mguhlin.org/2022/11/tootorial-importing-followinglist.html

For lists of folks in other #academic disciplines, see this list of lists by @hendrikerz: https://github.com/nathanlesage/academics-on-mastodon
#EduTooter @edutooters #HigherEd #K12 #teacher

The important thing is that there are MANY educators, higher-ed folks, and others who are waiting to assist you in making the transition from Twitter to Mastodon's many instances. I do encourage you to read my #Tootorials Round Up. I add stuff to it every day as I learn something new.

Steps to Switch

Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Pick your server. Use the list above to get you started.
  2. Get the right app for your smartphone or tablet. Use MetaText app on iOS, or Tusky/Fedilab on Android.
  3. Read the Tips document
  4. Add pic, a short bio, lots of hashtags (#Education) that describe your interests to your profile. Write a short #introduction.
  5. Take some time following people yourself. Then use the EduTooters list to get started.
  6. Bookmark anything of interest, and create lists to track your must-reads.
  7. Have fun

Having introduced a lot of educators to Twitter, I know that making the transition can be tough because it's all unfamiliar. My suggestion?

Make new friends and learn from strangers.

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