#CyberStalking Made Simple:Finding People in the #Fediverse (Updated: 11/9/2022)

 Want to find folks in the Fediverse? It's not that easy. There's a reason why a general search doesn't work...it's to protect folks from stalkers and bad folks who may be looking for them. That said, some times you need to look for folks or find old posts/toots from people. One solution that was previously available (FedSearch.io) is no more. More on that below UPDATE #1.

Update 11/13/2022:

Dr. Amy Diehl shared another search here:

Here's a Mastodon tool to search for users by name across instances. It also returns Twitter accounts in the results. https://search.noc.social

An Alternative Approach to FedSearch.io

In Google Search box, enter the following:

"Miguel Guhlin" site:https://journa.host OR site:mstdn.social OR site:hcommons.social

 The results you get will pop up the following:

Update #1: Below is the original blog post. Fedsearch.io no longer works.

Want to find someone in the Fediverse? You might give this tool a shot: Fedsearch.io

It makes it easy to find folks...I did a search on my last name and found myself right away!

I searched for the famous Stephen Downes, and he popped right up!

This may be a little problematic, right? Well, if you value privacy. In the meantime, look, it's Tony Vincent on Mastodon!

UPDATE #2: 11/9/2022

This update came out one day after this blog post was posted:

Due to extreme backlash from the Mastodon community we decided to end the project, it is obviously not wanted by server admins.

While our intention was to provide the end-user with a global search to find information and friends, the concerns of its usage by trolls has been far greater amongst the community.

See for a discussion on the subject.

Some privacy considerations appear on their privacy page.

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