Curated #NewsSources in the #Fediverse via #Mastodon (Updated 11/22/2022)

Do you like to read your news when you login to your favorite social media tool? I do as well. Come along and I'll share a few of my favorite news focused Mastodon instance accounts.


The Problem

I want to read some of my news via Mastodon. Where can I find a list?


You can save the CSV file available here, then import it as a News List into Mastodon.See below for how-to. Then, whenever you want to read the news, you click/tap on the NEWS list in your browser or app:

Steps To Follow

1. Access this Google Sheet 

Note that anyone can access and edit the list. That's an invitation to News Sources to add themselves, if they aren't already on the list. No extremists folks, please.

2. Save the CSV News Tab (download as CSV)


3. Import the News List CSV file into Mastodon as a Following List


4. View news that shows up.

Now that you've added these news accounts to your Following List, you will start to see the news appear in your Home feed. You can, if you want to, make a list then add these accounts to a list. For example, you can The Atlantic appears in my Home feed:

 To add it to a list, I simply go to The Atlantic user page and then ADD TO LIST (News), as shown below:


This is a different Atlantic account than the one in previous screenshot and is used for illustration.

 Update: Why not use RSS Feed?

Ryan Collins points out in this toot that you can subscribe to folks RSS feeds. In response, I wrote:

I know about Mastodon RSS feeds. What I didn't think about was including them in that blog entry (they appear in another). Using RSS feeds means that you don't cloud up your Mastodon timelines with external accounts remarks. A much better solution. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll have to update that blog entry.

Unfortunately, after looking at what the Mastodon RSS feed looks like for a news site, I'm not impressed. It just doesn't render all that great.

 So, I can't agree with Ryan on this. Even if I follow a user I know (myself), the quality of the content in the RSS feed leaves a bit to be desired:

 So. blah. Onward...


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