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For folks new to Mastodon, tapping the star icon is similar to the Twitter. But at that point, the similarity ends. When you favorite (star) someone's post, you send a message to the author. That message is, "I like what you shared."

An unintentional corollary is sent as well. "I like what you shared, but not enough to share it with everyone, including my followers." That's why it's important to Boost (what Twitter users think of retweet).

Consider this toot from Dr. Aaron Slodounik, sharing his support of a small town librarian speaking up against censorship.

I could have just tapped the "star" and let him know, "Yeah! Thanks for posting that." But to increase visibility, to let other people know that this is something worth getting excited about, I tapped the boost button (arrows in a square in blue).

It's tough to read The NYT story because it's behind a paywall. But you can read this one at The School Library Journal about Amanda Jones, who stepped out to combat censorship:

As a librarian I know the power of words. Their ability to change hearts and minds, to move us forward or to divide us, is something that I share with my students every day. Right now, extremists are using violent and divisive language to scare me and hurt my reputation.

The people they incite have called me a pedophile, groomer, and pervert. Their words are gross and false, malicious and dangerous.

They are attacking me because I am defending our community’s right to a great education, to have access to materials that reflect the reality of their world, and that engage them in learning. I am a middle school librarian, a mother, and a lifelong resident of our community. I have been teaching for 22 years and I work closely with my students' parents to keep them safe.

On Wednesday, a judge determined that it is okay for these falsehoods to continue to be spread freely on social media, even if they “hurt my feelings.” But this was never about my feelings. This is about our collective safety and our children’s right to be, and to learn. This is about making it safe for educators to do their jobs, and for children to have truly great educational opportunities. While it is never easy or comfortable to do so, we must continue to stand up to these bullies to ensure that all of our students are safe, respected, and free to learn.
Powerful stuff worth boosting.

When in doubt, boost. And favorite it, too.

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