Blocking #Mastodon Domains: A List You Can Import #Spammer #SpamBlock #ProtectYourself

Encountering spammers from various domains in Mastodon? You can import a list of misbehaving or naughty domains to your Mastodon account via the web browser. And, then you don't have to worry about them! They are blocked and you won't even see them.

Where Did The List Come From?
The domain blocking list came from Dr. Freemo, @freemo, the amazing administrator. He shared it at some point, and I added it to my preferences. I've been using it for a week or more with no issues.

How Do I Do This?
If you import this comma-separated values (CSV) file into your Mastodon account via the Preferences, that can help keep spammers and bad actors out of your timelines/feeds. I know some folks have complained about it.  

Export to CSV from Google Sheets
Here's the Domains Blocked file in Google Sheets. You can go to File ->Download->CSV to get a copy of the domains blocked list. 

Then, once you have it saved, import it via your Preferences -> Import->Domain Blocking List as shown in the screenshot. 

What Does Success Look Like?
Here's what success looks like. Switch over to Data Export in your Preferences and you'll see that you now have 123 domains blocked.

Cool, huh? Thanks @Freemo! The is a wonderful Mastodon instance. I highly recommend you check it out. Be sure to check out my video tutorials for getting started in Mastodon:

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