A #Toot #Bookmarklet for #Mastodon

Want to toot what you're reading on your computer to your Mastodon account? You'll want to grab this bookmarklet available online:

via Teledyn and online here


While I've taken advantage of bookmarklets in the past, usually for Diigo and Flipboard, I'm looking forward to trying this one out...let's see...

I'm going to be trying this out on Firefox browser, but I bet it works on Chrome/Chromium browsers, too. You simply add the Toot! bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, then click it when looking at webpage you want to post about.

What I like about that is that I can add in the hashtags at the end, as well as tag a group if I want to. Here's the text of the toot in case you're curious:

34,000 new digital images of medieval items go online - Medievalists.net https://www.medievalists.net/2022/11/34000-digital-images-medieval/ #ntt #DigitalImages #History #Education #EduTooter @edutooters@a.gup.pe shared using the Mastodon Toot Bookmarklet

Thanks, Robb Lewis (@rmlewisuk@toot.rodeo). I'll be using this from time to time.

Get it now

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