Vivaldi Mail Client Is Awesome

Ok, maybe awesome is too nice a word to describe Vivaldi's Mail component. But it's not bad. In fact, I soon kicked Claws-Mail and Thunderbird (well, I would have if it had been on there) off my computer(s). 

Whether I'm running Linux Mint or Windows 11, Vivaldi offers a consistent, nice performance. And, what's more, they are working on adding support for OpenPGP (Mailvelope support wouldn't be a bad thing, either).

I am able to access my Gmail/Google Workspace accounts via IMAP without any issues, and move email messages from one to another (which is great!)

Calendar and Feed Reader, too!

What's more, Vivaldi's Browser includes a Calendar and Feed Reader as well. Although the Feed Reader doesn't quite do folders, it's good enough that I bid QuiteRSS adieu.

As you can see, the screen is quite busy but it's easy to customize in Vivaldi's settings:

I do recommend you download the Vivaldi browser that now includes Calendar, Feeds, and eMail. If you like multi-purpose tools that do everything imperfectly but good enough, then this is the one for you. For now, it works for me, so I'm glad that Vivaldi has taken these steps. Keep up the good work!

Although I haven't done it yet, I anticipate connecting Proton Mail via their Bridge app.

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