Google Chromebook and #Screencast

Several of my colleagues are sharing about Google's newest Chromebook tools, Screencast and Cast Moderator. Here's an excerpt from Google's blog on the topic:
Make video creation capabilities available to everyone in your class with the Screencast app built into Chrome OS. Educators can record, trim, transcribe and share lessons or demos to build a custom library of recordings. Students can create their own screencasts to share their ideas and what they’ve learned, or access lessons if they missed a class or need homework help. You can even draw or write on the screen using a touchscreen or stylus to diagram or illustrate key concepts. Recordings are stored on Google Drive, and can be accessed via link to the Screencast app – at school or from home. Update Chrome OS to M103 to get access.

One question that came up recently was:

I've been trying to get this to work for a couple of days. We have brand new Asus Chromebooks and manually updated one to OS 103. However, we only have Screen Capture as an option and not Screencast...Did you have to do anything in particular other than update the OS?

My response was:

One tip I can offer is that when I logged in with a PERSONAL Google account, I was able to access ScreenCast. When I logged in with my Google for EDU account, no luck finding Screencast anywhere.

So, I suspect Google Workspace for Education has not yet enjoyed a rollout of ScreenCast for Chromebook. That's my best guess.

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