Get the #FREE #GoogleForEdu Screencast Tool for Chromebooks

Want to get access to the new, built-in Screencast tool for Chromebooks? You are in the right place! It's summer and there's new tools available.

You've probably already heard rumors of Google's newest addition to the Chromebook. A way to shed extensions and expensive add-ons. To get automatic transcription. 


Ever get invited to the "cool club?" Well, me either. But it happened earlier this month, and I was thrilled to get a chance to share the screen with so many amazing educators around the globe. What was the gathering for? Part of a secret cabal to explore the latest and greatest on Google Chromebook. What's the news? A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to unbox an Asus Chromebook.

That's right, Google has unveiled an amazing addition to their Chromebook. Those additions include:

  • Screencast: Wish you had an easy way to screencast without having to add an extension to your Chrome browser? Look no further than this newest addition to the Google Chromebook. 
    • Anyone with a Chromebook can create and trim recordings. 
    • What's more, all recording are automatically transcribed.
    • Get access to Screencast by updating to Chrome OS M103.
  • Cast Moderator: This tool makes it easy to wirelessly present your Chromebook screen. Cast Moderator enables teachers to:

Google has announced these two powerful new tools for K-12 schools and Chromebook users everywhere. A built-in screencasting, or screen recording, tool. They are definitely worth checking out on your Chromebook. Just make sure to update to Chrome OS M103, as shown below:

See It At Rest

For fun, you'll find a few screenshots that give you a walkthrough. I've added some notes below, too:

This is what you first see when opening the Screencast app. You can see I have one screencast recorded in this account.

When you first start your screencast, you get access to this dashboard panel where you can turn stuff off or on. Really easy.

You also get access to a marker you can annotate with:

This is what the processed video looks like, all ready to go. Note the transcription options:

Watch It In Action

Access Google Sites page at

Learn More at an outlet near you:

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