Stayin' Alive: Favorite Shows (Updated)

This morning's conversation with someone via Twitter had me reflecting, "What are the television shows that have kept us going during the pandemic?" Here's a short list of some of MY favorites:

Amazon Prime

Most of what I run into on Prime is garbage. However, a few notable shows have appeared, and you can find some movies to watch here.
  • Brittania: If you like the clash between the Romans and early Britons, then you'll appreciate this series.
  • Wheel of Time: This series is based on Robert Jordan's books. That said, I'm reading the books and watching the series. They've done a fairly nice job of condensing the story, but the books are WAY better. I would recommend watching WOT on Prime as a story in its own right, not a reflection of the books...inspired by them, not a faithful rendition.
Now, others I know love The Expanse, and I thought I would, too, but nope.

Disney Plus

Oops, the first draft of this blog entry left out Disney Plus. Aside from all the awesomeness already on there, you'll want to check these:
  • Hawkeye: What a great introduction to the potential, or new, Hawkeye replacement as well as Black Widow. Incredible short series.


Sheesh, there's a lot to like on HBO Max. The problem is, I've seen a lot of it already. Here are a few that jump out at me that I would like to see, but haven't yet:
  • Station Eleven: Looks like an apocalyptic story about survivors of a devastating flu. Hey, nothing like real life, right?
  • Succession: Ok, I have seen this entire series (my wife watched it) but I didn't like it much. Too much conversation a la potty mouth, and other stuff. Still, some may find it on par with Ozark (I don't except you're falling from one disaster to another).


  • Another Life: This features Katee Sackhoff, and has gotten a little better over time. It takes awhile to get to the point, but suspense builds up.
  • Cowboy Bebop: Although 2nd season is canceled, you will definitely want to watch season 1 about midway through (then it sort of gets long, drawn-out). That said, I enjoyed it all the  way through to the last episode, laugh out loud funny.
  • Don't Look Up: Great movie, funny and apocalyptic with no last minute rescues. Funny until its not. Fantastic cast.
  • Kate: Powerful movie about an assassin. Includes Woody Harrelson, who is one of my favorite actors (a la Zombieland).
  • Kingdom: Phenomenal zombie series. Must-watch. There's a sequel or prequel (Kingdom of the North) so don't miss out on that.
  • Lost in Space: With 3 seasons to watch, there must be something worthwhile. I am saving it to watch over time. I found the first two seasons interesting.
  • Ozark: Another amazing series. Like you're dropping from one disaster to another.
  • Red Notice: Funny movie. Must-watch.
  • The Power of the Dog: This movie will stick in your mind. It has some uncomfortable parts but if you can survive those, the revelations are stunning. I was still shocked two days later. But I'm not going to watch this again even though I enjoy Westerns.
  • The Witcher: If you're not watching this, you should be. It has a hilarious, powerful first season and the second season is gripping.
Some series I'm considering watching include: Army of Thieves, Black Summer.

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus

  • 1883: A great new Western series. I love the characters and have picked up on some Western lore, and that's hard because I've read quite a few Westerns (e.g. Louis L'Amour, Max Brand, Zane Grey, Dana Fuller Ross). Definitely worth watching.
  • Yellowstone: Ok, if you're not watching this, why not? There's a lot to like.

Spectrum Originals

  • Bite: A zombie series featuring two neighbors. The acting is amazing and funny, without losing anything of the seriousness of a zombie apocalypse. I dislike funny zombie flicks that have zombies speaking, but this is more in line with Zombieland, so funny/serious. If you watch Yellowstone, you may recognize "Jimmy" as the delivery driver. 
  • Joe Pickett: This series reminds me a lot of Longmire, but from a game warden perspective. It starts out slow but gets riveting quick, and my wife and I ended up binging on this show. It's based on C.J. Box' series and I'll be exploring those books, for sure. You may not know it (I didn't) but C.J. Box is also behind Big Sky, another amazing show worth watching if you haven't seen it.

What are some of YOUR favorites? 

Obviously I didn't list everything I've seen on this list, but those are some great places to start (IMHO). Please share what shows are your favorites.

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doug0077 said…
Ted Lasso is charming. Try Squid Game too.

There are some shows I'm saving for my dotage. Ted Lasso is one of those. Thanks!

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