Pandemic Pause

While some may be experiencing pandemic fatigue, my reaction has been a bit different. Sure, I hate not going to restaurants at regular times because they may be packed. I don't like the fact that I probably won't see Spiderman: No Way Home for a long time. Shopping is something I try to do when the parking lot of the supermarket or store isn't packed with cars. I miss face to face meetings and hugs at conferences, instead having to settle for a short wave or muffled hello from behind a gaiter and KN-95 mask.

The pandemic has put a pause on life, allowed for some deep reflection and changes. I don't know about you, but reflection is something many of us can do with a lot more of. I picked up a few notebooks the other day, mostly as gifts to send off to family. When I looked at the little black notebook I had for myself, I realized how seldom I use paper and pen anymore to jot down notes, quotes, or ideas. Somehow, those have faded.

Over at The Blue Skunk Blog, Doug shares his thoughts about pandemic fatigue.  He confesses to the sin of "over news-gathering."

 For me, that's less a sin and more of a desire to live more life experiences in a vicarious fashion...secondhand life, perhaps. It should come as no surprise that I've added a few key apps to my smartphone. Reddit, Quora, Microsoft Start (a news app) are now apps I'm following. To be honest, Reddit's r/philosophy forums are pretty relaxing. There's something about exploring ways to better understand the world that is soothing. 

The number of people using news apps totaled over 114 million users in 2020, which is a 15% increase from previous years. Source: Productivity Land

I've also jumped into reading more books on the Philosophy of Science, Logic, Critical Thinking, and trying to internalize (sheesh, that takes so long) the processes required. I have to admit that the more I focus on evidence-based content, ways of thinking a la scientific method, the more comforted I feel. Isn't that interesting? 

What's more, and this is rare, my RSS feed reader is up to date on read items. How often does that happen?

The consequences of pandemic fatigue? Increased fear, anger, anxiety, hopelessness. The ways to avoid it? The suggestions are:
  • Avoid consuming too much news
  • Consume less alcohol or other substances
  • Stop comparing yourself to others

The real sadness of the pandemic is the death. All those people, mostly unvaccinated or immunocompromised, who have died as a result of the COVID-19. It's a no-brainer for me to have gotten vaccinated and boosted. I have family that are immunocompromised and it would be wrong of me to be so selfish as to get COVID-19 and then they die as a result.

These days, I hope you are doing the following:
My wife teaches all week wearing a mask and neck gaiter. She arrives at home exhausted. Yet, what causes the most mental fatigue? Knowing that Texas legislators are doing so little to help classroom teachers and protect children. 

No mask mandates, no push for vaccine or boosters. Instead, border fences and walls. It's better to forget the crazy people, and do what you think is right. After all, do the best you can and that's really all you can do.

A Final Note

Wow, I had no idea that this was going to turn out so morbid. So, let me end on this note. The pandemic has given us all the opportunity to stop what we're doing, to update our perspectives on science, and do what's right for others. 

Is that such a bad thing if we learn from it?

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A Moment of Silence

Now, a moment of silence for all those who have perished as a result of COVID-19. Whether they were vaccinated or not, they are as dead. For the unvaccinated, they died for their beliefs. I'd rather live for mine, but I respect their choice. That said, I don't agree with that choice because it puts healthcare and hospital workers' mental health at continued stress and risk. 

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doug0077 said…
Miguel, You continue to amaze me with your energy, your thoughtfulness, your willingness to explore, your courage in expressing your opinions and conclusions.

In admiration...

Thanks, Doug, but they are but a flicker of a candle in the midst of a forest fire.

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