Mutant Librarian Saves Many Children: Support Smashwords

Wish you had access to non digital rights management (DRM) content in book format? Then look no further than Smashwords. I buy copies of books when I want to read them on any device in digital format without DRM. 

Note #1 (Look for Note #2): Please note that Smashwords did not offer me anything to share their advertisement here, nor did I accept anything. Of course, as a bibliophile, I would be happy to accept bribes for featuring books and great deals. Please send me Jonathan Moeller's entire ebook collection (well, whatever I haven't purchased yet) and we'll call it even.

Here's an excerpt with certain bits cut out of their advertisement sent via email:

Smashwords End of Year Sale Underway - 63,000 Deep-Discounted eBooks!

The fifth annual Smashwords End of Year Sale kicked off December 17 and runs through January 1. Browse over 63,000 featured ebooks offered at deep discounts of 25%, 50%, 70% and FREE!

Check out these great deals from popular Smashwords authors Kelly QuindlenShayne ParkinsonBrenda K. DaviesJames DashnerJerilee KayeDanny NatenJay ManuelJan MoranJan CherubinC.A. WorleyStephanie FournetJeff GrantJamie McGuireMelissa WrightYara GhariosStarr HuntressConnie SheltonMarie JohnstonJohn C. Holmes, and Gordon Doherty.

As you fill your cart with these exclusive deals, be sure to take advantage of the Smashwords Store's gifting feature to give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Visit the sale now. 

These exclusive deals disappear after January 1!

Please help spread the word of the sale by sharing the sale's hyperlink - - with your friends on social media.

Authors and publishers who haven't yet enrolled their books in the sale can do so at


Helpful Resources

Access the Sale:

Note #2: That was a joke. I don't accept bribes to publish advertisements. I only do it if I think it's worth sharing and it meets my editorial standards. [Yes, just deposit that ebook collection in my inbox...thanks!] Wait, what was I saying?

If you're curious about the books they have, here's one that caught my eye. It includes an intrepid, courageous librarian...

 I'm intrigued!

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