Making Copies of Google Docs for Students

Every other day, I get a few requests via email. " It's a request mediated by Google, asking me to allow someone to become an editor of a document I have shared. I always include the COPY link, but somehow, these people miss it. Instead, I get inundated with requests. The frustration doesn't come from having to deal with the requests.

The frustration comes from knowing that even though I want to share a document, the organization of the requester won't allow it. I will often see this message, or some version of it:

As you can see, I have a request incoming from, but the administrators "do not allow items to be shared with users in their organization." This certainly makes the person requesting the document access a student, not a teacher (if you're a teacher in this situation, time to find another job post, don't you think?).

To date, I haven't found a way around this. I have tried posting disclaimers that say, "If you are a student and want a copy of this Google Doc, ask your teacher to make a copy then share it with you." But I'm uncertain how well that message is received...and certainly those who request edit rights didn't get the message. 

What's more, I've even called school districts to let them know what is happening. Some will dutifully track down the email address (a student) and try to get a message, while others will simply take my message and pass it on to someone. Again, I don't know if anything ever comes of these contacts but it is impossible to contact everyone who asks and try to help them understand what is involved.

In my blog entry, Making Copies of Google Docs, I explain how to make copies and share copies of Google Docs. I even include a video:

You can also read an illustrated step by step. But again, all who have requested a copy of a Google Doc I've made, it's certain they haven't watched or learned this.

Don't be like them. Their emails will end up in my trash heap, destined to be unread, unfulfilled, an unresolved source of frustration for me.

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