Fun Enough: Quick Image Editing Online

Creating quotes is so easy on a computer, especially with access to this cool drawing tool I'm sharing with you. Even more fun? Editing Bitmoji images. I had written about this previously in my TCEA blog entry, Fix Your Grumpy Self: How to Change Your Bitmoji Expressions. But I have to confess that a conversation via Twitter introduced me to a new tool that I can't get enough of.

Image source: My aforementioned TCEA blog entry linked above. I did the editing for this using Kleki, I'd probably add another tool to the mix today, it's so much fun and easy.

I actually wrote a blog entry detailing the new tool someone told me about over at the TCEA TechNotes blog, but it's in the queue awaiting publication. And, I can't wait. I have to tell someone about it. I am amazed at all the stuff I can do with it, and hey, let's be honest, I'm no artsy dude. But you, you could do amazing stuff with it.

Some Fun Stuff

Before I tell you what it is, here are some of my recent, fun creations with this incredible tool:

As you can see, it only took a few minutes to produce these. They were fun.

Easy Bitmoji Edits

Now, you may recall that the original Bitmoji looks like the one how did I change it? I know if you're a Photoshop (sign up for this online, self-paced course) or one of the other free tools online like Photoshop, you know how to do this. But I removed the offensive language "Bad A$$" using a new free tool.

Two Must Have Tools

Two of my favorite tools for quick, easy editing include:
  • - Makes it easy to remove backgrounds from pictures
  • - Same as but let's you save hi-res version
  • - In a snap, you can remove unwanted pixels from an image. 
These tools works surprisingly well, but not perfectly. Of course, I am not striving for perfection on these edits. Instead, I'm aiming for "fun enough."

A Newcomer for Me

Now, I forget who told me about this new tool in my arsenal, but I spent my own $4.99 on it the Windows version, but you don't have to spend a single dime to use it online. The $4.99 makes it easy to save the file in a format you can open again later. According to the chart below, it appears it works on Mac as well.

I love the web version, though. This makes it so easy to use this tool on a Chromebook or whatever. The tool works great for infographics, too. I recently created an infographic to see how hard it would be. What a cinch!

Here's a partial of one of the infographics I created...look for the complete blog entry on December 16th at TCEA's TechNotes blog:

The interface is so easy to work with, images creations easy to export, and the font color blending (wow!)...those features and more make Sketchpad a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.

Introducing's Sketchpad

Like I said earlier, I wrote a longer blog entry about Sketchpad for TCEA's TechNotes blog. But I can't keep such an amazing tool a secret. Give it a spin!

Bonus: It's available in multiple languages. Wow.

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