File Explorers: Android and iOS

Sitting at lunch with some colleagues, our conversation drifted to how to get music and other content onto an iPhone. This came up because they were trying to transition from Android to iPhone. I have made the journey several times, and it's gotten incredibly easy over time. But there are some things you need to watch out for...such as your SMS messages, your Photos library, and miscellaneous audio/video files.

Sharing these types of solutions never got old, but many simply miss them in the midst of so many other things they have to deal with. As you might imagine, this had been a problem that had vexed them for awhile, so I promptly shared my favorite solutions with them. Mind if I share them with you? 

iOS File Explorer

So, I shared with them one of my favorite tools, the Readdle Documents app.

I shared how you could use it to play MP3 audio, MP4 videos, and more. Sure enough, someone mentioned they have an Android phone. I then shared my favorite Android equivalent.

Android File Explorer

One of the first tools I load  on Android is Cx File Explorer. It's a great file explorer type tool that allows me to copy and move content on the device, as well as onto or off the device. For Android tablets, Cx File Explorer makes this easy to do without ads.

If you're not using a File Explorer on your device, give these a spin depending on what platform you are on.

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