Breached Again

T-Mobile isn't a child on the playground, bullied by big meanies. It's a company entrusted with confidential, sensitive data of millions. Back in August, 2021, I switched from T-Mobile to Spectrum Mobile. The change has worked out great, saved me tons of money, and I honestly encourage anyone to make the switch.

At the time (August, 2021), T-Mobile had suffered a data breach which I wrote about in this blog entry. I couldn't help but notice the news (12/29/21) recently:

T-Mobile has suffered another cyberattack after being rocked by a massive data breach in August. This time around, attackers accessed “a small number of” customers’ accounts, according to documents posted by The T-Mo Report.

According to the report, customers either fell victim to a SIM swapping attack (which could allow someone to bypass SMS-powered two-factor authentication), had personal plan information exposed, or both. The document shows that the customer proprietary network information that was viewed could’ve included customers’ billing account name, phone and account number, and info about their plan, including how many lines were attached to their account. (Source: The Spuzz)
Really? Another hit? Note the highlighted section. Two factor authentication was bypassable. Sheesh.

If you're wondering what to do, here are a few steps:
I'm sorry, T-Mobile. You were the darling of mobile because of your customer service. Now, that's over. No matter how nicely you say things, you must protect and safeguard sensitive data of those who rely on you.

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