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Wouldn't it be awesome to remove your background, slip into the future without all your baggage and old background clinging to you? Well, offers to do that for your pictures. The tool is as easy to use as, which I use almost every other day.

Original picture: 1600x1200 pixels (1.92 Mpixels, 16.7 million colors), 386K

As Eric Curts points out, differs from in one significant way. With Erase, you can download (or get) the high-resolution image for free. That includes resolutions of 5,000 x 5,000 pixels.

What might this look like, I wondered?

For fun, I thought I'd use an old picture and see how that looked. Output

You can see the preview image from is 577 x 433. This looks just fine:

This picture is smaller, 201K in size. 577x433 pixels, 16.7 million colors

To get the full image (1600x1200), it would take $$$. What might it look like with Output

Here's what's hi-res download looks like:

1600x1200 pixels, 16.7M colors, 4.21 mb in size

To be honest, I'm not sure I can see much difference except in file size. Playing with these pictures, I wondered what converting the image to WebP would do.

WebP format of Image, converted using CloudConvert JPG to WebP tool:

1600 x 1200 pixels, 16.7M colors, 374K on disk

This isn't much better. I know there are ways to get WebP file size down depending on options chosen. Cloud Convert doesn't offer those options (that I could see), so here's what it looks like with Windows version of cwebp with quality set to 60 and file size dropped to 132K:

At -q 20 the file size dropped to 68K:

At -q 5, the file size drops to 42K but you can definitely see issues:

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