My TCEA 2021 Digital Badge with Ribbons #tcea #tcea21

Wow, special thanks to Audreana Underbrink (@EdTechMrsU) for being kind enough to design a TCEA 2021 Convention digital badge and ribbon. Now that the event is virtual (due to COVID-19), it's amazing to recapture some of the fun in ribbon collecting. Audreana makes that possible with her creation.

Did you know?

You can still sign up for ALL TCEA 2021 Convention awesomeness and access videos online until March 5th. That's right, tons of amazing presentations and sessions, all available until March 5th. And, you can download the materials, etc. John Hattie is presenting, among many other amazing folks.

Of course, I decided to make a few modifications to the digital badge Audreana created for's the final version. If you notice any errors, it's probably my fault.

Isn't that amazing? If the QR code doesn't work for you, the link points to my blog entries at

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