People Over Profit

"Fund people over stuff," my mentor, Mark Gabehart, would often say. Of course, he may not have said it in such a blunt way. But that's definitely the message that came across. It affirmed that in education settings, if nowhere else, you put people above materialistic goals (e.g. making money).
In schools, you always rank people over stuff. People come before technology. People come before pretty furniture.

The struggle to protect people continues. Even today, we see entire school districts, governments putting money and stuff first. That's why when I read about Austin teachers taking a stand, I had to applaud.

About 850 Austin district teachers have pledged not to return to their campuses Monday when school buildings reopen for learning.
Concerned about the threat of the coronavirus to both their students and themselves, the educators said they remain committed to teaching their students, but will do so only in a virtual setting.
Of the 925 teachers who requested medical waivers and accommodations to work remotely, 66% had been approved so far, one was denied and the rest are still pending or have been marked inactive, according to district information released Thursday.

Show me a person who puts people over stuff, that's a leader worthy of support. Too bad, those are in short supply.

Here's a list of some recent people who prioritize stuff (like funding) over people, not caring if they die:

  • Those principals and superintendents who make teachers work in COVID-19 infested classrooms.
  • Gov. Abbott's order to close ballot drop-off locations
Yes, that's a short list. It could be longer. But I those two alone encompass much of the disappointment. So, Austin teachers, strike. Call it whatever you want. San Antonio educators, tell your superintendents to go to heck. The truth is, when people value your life so cheap, there's only one thing to do.


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