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Just-in-Time Learning

In March, as I started Spring Break, I remember the frustration and tears of teachers, mainly one, that spurred me to ask, "How can I make this remote teaching journey a bit easier?" Combine that with a request from a school district, and several of us at work said, "Surely we can come up with something that will work for folks?" A few months later, and the answer is evident.
One of my most rewarding opportunities in my job these past few months has been creating resources for fellow learners to use. As a writer, blogger, it's been so much fun to create content and resources others find useful or that speeds their learning. After all, it taps into what I've come to appreciate and learn how to do over many years.
The following is taken from an email TCEA sent out.

TCEA now offers online, self-paced courses in the most popular learning management systems,  including SchoologyCanvas, and Google Classroom in addition to our valuable Remote Learning Educator …

Job Posting: CAST Tech-Computer Science Teacher

The Computer Science teacher is responsible for instruction and computer lab supervision in the HS classroom providing students with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to fulfill their maximum potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Teachers will enable students to develop competencies and skills that will prepare them for success in higher education and careers.Click here for Job Description >>Contact Dr. Melissa Alcala, Principal, for more details:
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Las Aventuras de ChanclaMan: A Mock Heroic Adventure

"Pooh bear, are you going out this evening?"
"Yes, honey," I replied as I slipped on my black ninja oofas. My wraparound, 2+ reader enhanced sunglasses went over my eyes. It was a scorcher of an evening, the A/C struggling to keep the house cool at 75 degree. I couldn't imagine what the weather would be like outside. As I put my face mask on in the mirror, being sure to cultivate a masked avenger vibe, I reviewed my next steps.
Grabbing a trash bag, I heaved it through the garage to land near the wide opening. The door slid up with a crash and bang, and I crept through the semi-darkness of the garage towards the gaping maw of my garage. As the door into the house slipped closed beside me, I sensed preternatural movement, a scurrying that made the garage floor appear like a writhing sliver of darkness had dropped a tendril onto the hard concrete. I spun in place, grasping a chancla, my black oofa.

My adversary waved its tentacles, either begging for mercy or saying…