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Speaking Up Matters @mrdearybury

On July 15th, someone sent me a tweet, maybe two. I regret I missed those since I don't follow the person and, hey, I'm working full-time. After reading them a few moments ago, I realized my response would end up as several long tweets, and then I said, "Why not put it in a blog entry?"

Jed: I regret I missed your tweet when it came out earlier this week. You ask a few questions that I cannot answer. I will not speculate as to the motivations of others. As such, I can only offer my uninformed opinions and thoughts.

My training in Crucial Confrontations suggests to me that trying to have this conversation over twitter, email would be difficult, if not impossible. Also, I am not empowered speak on anyone's behalf except my own. The older I get, the more certain I am that certainty about how wrong others are is wrong. So, here's my imperfect response.

A Quick Acknowledgement First, please allow me to acknowledge your efforts and those of others. I refer to the …