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Dr. Liz Stephens and the entire EDTC Master's Program have put together an online conference. They had planned to do this before COVID-19 came along, but it's perfect timing for many of us who'd like to learn more about this on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Topics & Speakers:

  1. Creating an Online Classroom in Discord - Speaker: Liam Heiland
  2. Creating Fabulous Interview Videos - Speaker: Stephen A. Garcia
  3. Engage Those Learners with Factile - Speaker: Jenni Clark
  4. Explore the Creativity of Digital Storytelling - Speaker: Danielle Medeiros
  5. Interactive Displays & How to Integrate Them into the Classroom - Speaker: Cody Crumley
  6. How to Use Zoom - Speaker: Sam Davis
  7. Personalized Learning Environments: Individualization and Accommodations for Virtual Classrooms - Speaker: Jeremy Loomis-Norris
  8. Technology & Content Engagement - Shake Up Learning - Speaker: Gail Sylvester-Conrad
  9. TikTok turned Educational? Come learn about FlipGrid and Engagement - Speakers: Paul Davies & Faith Boyer
  10. Telepractice for Speeech Therapy - Speaker: Nick Blaschke
And, though my colleague Diana Benner and I are unable to participate (wait, why didn't we?), you can get OUR take on the topic of Facilitating Writing Workshop Virtually via this pre-recorded mini-session (with TONS of online resources) via TCEA Remote Learning.

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