#FAIL - Crappy #CustomerService at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers @FreddysUSA (UPDATED)

16522 San Pedro/Hwy 281
San Antonio, TX 78232

What a disappointment in customer service. This was a customer service fiasco. If my wife hadn't kept driving, I would have expressed this in person to the manager on duty. I was so disgusted, I was about to pitch my concrete sundae.
A Few Moments Earlier.... 
"Hey, want to catch a quick ice cream sundae at Freddy's?" I asked my wife. We both started smiling at how good it was going to be. 
"Sure," she said, "let's go!" We loved Freddy's, but after this Sunday afternoon event at approximately 12:45PM in San Antonio (Park Oaks) location drive through, I'm NEVER going back to Freddy's.

Let's Review What Happened

My wife and I pulled into the drive through lane, and asked about the difference between a sundae and a "concrete." It was a simple question. I ordered the concrete since we were in my wife's car, and I didn't want anything dripping all over the seats. She asked for their oreo type ice cream cookie, but was told that even if it was on the menu, it was not available at that time. We said OK, then were quote a price near $10. The actual price for my concrete mini should have been under $5, but the young woman taking the order had assumed two of them. My wife said, "Only one of those minis, please."

As we pulled into the drive, I gave my wife the card to pay. As she did so, she passed the concrete to me. It came without a spoon or napkins. My wife asked for a receipt, but the young woman at Freddy's dropped the receipt. My wife told me, "That was deliberately dropped."

The window slammed shut. I don't know if it the young woman slammed it shut or it did so on its own. My wife honked the horn to get someone to come back. We had paid, gotten our card back, but no napkin or spoon.

What I expected was a, "Oops, sorry about that. Here you go! Have a nice day." Instead, the window opened, a spoon and napkins were flung at us, and the window slammed shut. My wife asked to speak to a manager, only to be ignored.

The Facts

  • We paid for a Freddy's concrete mini (1) for under $5 at approximately 12:30-12:45 PM on Sunday, February 9, 2020
  • The Freddy's young woman taking the order was rude, dropped or threw the receipt out the window
  • The Freddy's young woman did not provide a spoon or napkin until we asked for it
  • When the spoon and napkins were provided, the Freddy's young woman threw them at us and slammed the window shut.
  • When we asked to speak to a manager, she refused to open the window.


What is the result of this? I was going to get out and say something to the manager in person. My wife, noticing I was upset after getting crappy customer service, didn't stop and kept driving until we got home. She said, "Those two guys in the truck behind us were already cursing at us and must have been friends of her's." I don't know about that, but I certainly wanted to let someone know that I wouldn't tolerate this type of behavior if I was the manager.

So, Freddy's, here's my notice. I won't be spending any money at your establishments and encourage everyone I know to do the same. If you have a culture of disrespect for paying customers, your business needs to go.


My wife finally did go into the store (after she dropped me off at home...sheesh). She spoke to another young woman who worked with the rude person at this store. Apparently, the rude person has a problem with Hispanics alleged the other young woman. That's why we got such terrible treatment. It also explains the two guys in the truck. The manager said they would take appropriate action.

I am NOT a person to pull the race card, but this is pretty shocking to see. Everybody has to work with people who have different beliefs, biases, and prejudices. But you act professionally. I hope the Freddy's employee who failed at serving us learns that.


Miguel, we are very sorry your experience was disappointing and have forwarded your comments to the local Franchise Group for their immediate attention. Please send us your contact information securely at ffcsb.us/connect so we can put you in touch with the Franchise.

Update #3: Response from Freddy's Location

I am a Multi Unit Manager with Freddy's in San Antonio. I would first like to apologize for missing the mark in reference to your visit and experience. We as a company do not take this lightly, and make every effort to ensure our product, quality, cleanliness, and guest satisfaction are met. Be assured that we will look closely at this, and work with our staff to follow our specifications, and guest needs. Especially our commitment to hospitality . We definitely would not want to lose you as our guest, and hope you would allow us another opportunity to make it right. If at all possible we would like to send out some complimentary cards to you so that we may try and win you back. If you would kindly provide me with your mailing address, we can get these out to you immediately.
My Email Response:
Thank you for your email. I have no doubt that my complaint will not affect your bottom line, but I do hope it brings about change. Please keep your gift cards, etc. I'm not complaining because I want free stuff, although I appreciate your offer.
What neither of us can afford is unnecessary drama when going in for an ice cream sundae. I hope you have taken appropriate action at the location, dealt with the employee [name removed], and with your assurance of appropriate action, we can move on.

Which location #FAILed at Customer Service?

The location I was at was as follows:

16522 San Pedro/Hwy 281
San Antonio, TX 78232

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