Simple Tools Get It Done

A challenge we often encounter when embracing technology is that we tend to go for the multi-use tools, the most complicated, feature-rich devices. As much as I love my multi-tools (scattered liberally in my house, car, etc), my bright red Swiss army knife with a million features, it's the simple knife I reach for to get most jobs done. This came to mind while reading Doug Blue Skunk Johnson's blog entry, Not Missing My Mac:
As a former tech director, I often observed that it was not the lack of features in a technology or computer program that people struggled with, but with too many confusing choices. The drop down menu on Microsoft Word, the system updates, the virus protections, and the printer configurations on regular PCs created great job security for technicians, but I don't think they ever helped the educators with whom I worked be more productive.
He's pointing out that the Chromebook captures all or most of his needs. And, I have to agree. These days, when going out to facilitate workshops and presentations, I'd rather cart along my Chromebook than my SurfaceBook. While I enjoy the versatility of the SurfaceBook, the Chromebook offers great battery life (well, so does my SurfaceBook) and is simplicity itself when working in the G Suite online environment. It lacks quite a bit (e.g. encryption tools, my favorite writing tools), but it's easy to hook up Private Internet Access VPN and jump on WiFi or mobile hotspot via my phone.

While I would miss my Windows 10 SurfaceBook (even if it's also running UbuntuLinux, which is where I'm typing this now), I find my Acer C740 a fantastic device that puts me in control of a keyboard and places to share. What else could one ask for?

When you think about this from a school district perspective, the Chromebook offers a simplicity of choice. You use the tool at hand to get things done. You get other tools to do other jobs that need doing.

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