A Few Gift-Giving @Wakelet Collections: Gadgets and More

Wondering what to get that person for Xmas? For fun, I thought I'd share three wakelet collections I came up with to answer this question.

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Holiday Gifts

As you can see from the Wakelet collection, I thought I'd capture a few of my favorite must-have's. Some of these have found their way on my own Xmas wish list, so you can guess that I was a bit motivated in putting this together. Other items on this list, I already have and absolutely love.


Finding a list of up to date worthwhile wearables can be tough. In fact, if there's any category I dislike, it's the wearables. Why? Well, it's hard to believe that these solutions actually resolve a problem. However, there's a lot to like in the current crop of wearables, a few of the best are shared below.

My List of Stuff

At the risk of overlapping the lists, and sharing my most secret desires, here's what was on MY personal Xmas list. As you might imagine, I gave this list to my children since they insisted on getting me something. I actually lucked out that a colleague (Diana Benner) was kind enough to get me the UV Light Sanitizer, I bought myself (and my wife) the KeySmart, but there's a lot more interesting stuff on the list. Some of it is, "I wonder what this does or if it will work...."

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