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Keeping It Simple: Making Yuca Fries

With some time off this holiday, I found myself with a powerful craving for native Panamanian dishes. Although I love all the great food in San Antonio, Alice Keeler's trip pictures of her visit to Panama City (Rep. of Panama) had me longing for old tastes.

As a native Panamanian, I occasionally find myself longing for the tastes, sounds of my first homeland during the holidays. This Fall, I even made a Wakelet collection of how to make hand pies (a.k.a. empanadas).

Making Yuca Fries As the only Panamanian in my family in Texas, I realized that if I wanted to capture that taste, I would have to make it myself.

While making empanadas (read The Glory of Empanadas) are a bit out of my reach at the moment, I found myself wishing for some yuca. Can you believe that the last time I ate yuca (a.k.a. "cassava") was when I was about 5 years old? The taste was so distinctive, it has stayed with me for many years. As a result, I started to look for places nearby in San Antonio that…

A Few Gift-Giving @Wakelet Collections: Gadgets and More

Wondering what to get that person for Xmas? For fun, I thought I'd share three wakelet collections I came up with to answer this question.

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Holiday Gifts As you can see from the Wakelet collection, I thought I'd capture a few of my favorite must-have's. Some of these have found their way on my own Xmas wish list, so you can guess that I was a bit motivated in putting this together. Other items on this list, I already have and absolutely love.
Wearables Finding a list of up to date worthwhile wearables can be tough. In fact, if there's any category I dislike, it's the wearables. Why? Well, it's hard to believe that these solutions actually resolve a problem. However, there's a lot to like in the current crop of wearables, a few of the best are shared below. My List of Stuff At the risk of overlapping the lists, and sharing my most secret desires, here's what was on MY personal Xmas list. As you might imagine, I gave this list to my c…

Enchant Your Ears Part 2 - My Fav Audio Book Picks (12/2019)

Are you an avid reader? Then you may find this list of audio books available via to provide some additional fodder. As I've shared before, I spend a significant amount of time listening to audio books. It's gotten so bad, on the drive to the grocery store, I'd rather listen to audio books than podcasts or the news (who wants to listen to Trump impeachment or how he's done yet something else anyone else would get terminated for?).

Note: I've listened to a lot more stories than are shown here. These are my favorites of those. I didn't mention lots of titles because, frankly, they weren't all that wonderful. Or, they were "Meh." Fortunately, Audible allowed me to return those. For example, Anthony Melchiorri's The Tide left me...bored. I'm not sure why. Lots of other folks liked the zombie apocalypse tale, but after listening to LOTS of zombie apocalypse stories, The Tide series just didn't grab me. Haha.

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