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Genuine Leadership #5: Sources of Energy

Are you tired all the time? While it might be a physical thing (e.g. Vitamin D deficiency), or maybe you need to drink more caffeine, it could also be that you're running low on energy. Leadership Freak highlights a few ways to recapture energy. Before I share my favorites from his list, here's his main point:
Managing energy is more important than managing time. It doesn’t matter how much time you have if your energy-tank is empty. Results-only leaders have empty-tank teams. He suggests, "Do less of what drains you and more of what gives you energy." What's kind of fascinating is the idea that leaders/managers can feed staff what they need. I have to admit, I've seldom encountered this kind of leader. Dr. Brad Johnson said it this way:
Leaders, be aware of what you’re feeding your staff. They feed off your  behaviors, attitudes, words, and actions. Are you feeding them what they need to grow? I like Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak) approach because it doesn&…

Finding a Windows 10 Video Editor

Looking for a Windows 10 Video recorder? Although I often use Screencastify (it's my go-to screen recorder), I hadn't loaded it into my Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. For fun, I decided to try a different one, Active Presenter.

The interface is pretty simple and there are ample tutorials (including video):

You can export to MP4 video format, which of course, is quite compatible with everything.

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Vanilla Ideas: Angry at Pundits?

Ok, I'm not sure how I stumbled onto "He's the Weird Teacher" blog entry on the subject of, The Threat of Vanilla, but I had a laugh reading the blog entry. It's quite a rant about know-it-all experts who appear to not have listened to Weird Teacher's perspective. Having experienced this a bit myself (who hasn't in their life?), I was inspired to write a different version of his blog entry. I certainly used it for inspiration and I'm not sure how true I was to all the ideas...I tried to capture the main ones and probably failed. But it was a fun exercise given that, , I haven't written anything for awhile.
Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with my work, edtech heresies or stuff like that. It's me having fun writing another version of someone else's work. I like it because it's a bit snarky and tries to go a different way with the anger flowing through Weird Teacher's blog entry. I had a lot of fun doing it. If anything rings true a…