Wrestling with What Works Best with Tech: A Few Podcasts

Again and again, it's easy to see how research-based strategies can have a powerful impact in the classroom. But one of the challenges is, "What happens when you try to blend technology into them?" One of my concerns is that the effectiveness of a strategy goes down as you change it. This turns the instructional strategies into never-changing approaches and that's not really realistic. How do you strike a balance between effective strategies that work and blending in experimental technologies that add value, rather than take away?

A part of my search is really to find out how others are thinking this through. I've shared a few blog entries here, and will be adding more in the future. However, listening to other people struggle with this is great.

Podcast #1: Grantwood AEA Digital Learning

Podcast #2: Pedagogy Non Grata

Podcast #3: Daniel Jackson at TeacherPD

For those of you are looking for something less favorable regarding Hattie's work, I include the following for your consideration.

Podcasts #4 & #5: Ollie Lovell with Adrian Simpson and John Hattie

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