Thursday, October 3, 2019

Wakelet's New Mood board

So exciting to see new features come out around a product that's fun, easy and versatile. Of course, I'm referring to's announcement of a Mood board on October 1. I'm happy to share that another blog entry has appeared at TCEA's TechNotes featuring both Wakelet and John Hattie's research.

Here's a brief screenshot of the blog entry but you'll want to read the whole thing, especially since I embedded a few Wakelets chock full of resources there.

One notable new feature to Wakelet is their Mood Board (see video below). As I point out in the blog entry cited above:

"Educators can use the Mood Board feature for many purposes, such as a:
  • Curated social wall for events
  • Reflection board for students during and after lessons
  • Way for project documentation
  • Visual, equitable, and collaborative group project tool
  • Digital, visual content blackboard
  • Virtual book clubs gathering space, digital maker space and school library tool (e.g. book talks)"
Here's the video overview:

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