Reflections on Blogging: CyberSecurity and Blending Tech into Instruction Tips

I'm so excited about some upcoming blog posts over at the TCEA TechNotes blog. Yes, there are tons of great tips and ideas being shared, including research-based ones.

As you can see, these articles reflect some of my interests.


Since October is Cybersecurity month, I wrote two blog entries focused on cybersecurity. The first blog entry (published yesterday), Are Schools Easy Targets for Cyber Threats? The Latest Report Says "Yes," shares the result of a report that just came out from Absolute software. I like how I summarized some of the key ideas in the report, and blended in the Google Maps' interactive Ransomware map.

The second article on Cybersecurity is Five Cybersecurity Tips for Newbies. Some of you may recognize this since I wrote a blog entry similar to it a few years ago, but this one has been revamped to reflect new information and tools/strategies.

Hattie Universe

I like to think of strategies that work, blog entries relevant to that as being the "Hattie Universe." 

Over the past month or two, I've been creating an amazing amount of Wakelets. Here are the wakelet blog entries I've published here at Around the Corner, but you'll definitely want to see how I've tried to think "out of the box" in the use of Wakelet. Some articles I've published at TCEA TechNotes include:
What I'm looking for in my next blog entry, Wakelet-Empowered Classroom Discussions, is that it is the second one to try to blend Wakelet into effective strategies that work a la Hattie. The first was The Modality Effect, although I'm not often sure I've gotten it right. What do you think?

A tough blog entry I had the chance to write--in collaboration with Buncee folks--was how Buncee can support effective instructional strategies. For me, this was a tough one to start and get going with because I had to think hard about how instruction and technology fit together.

For fun, I titled it, Buncee-based Learning. In that blog entry, I love how writing this blog entry forced me to come up with tips on how to blend technology into instruction. A sneak peek at some of the tips from that blog entry include:

Some tips for leveraging technology to impact teaching and learning:
  • Encourage teachers to model and do think-alouds for students before turning them loose on any technology.
  • Use student creations as the source for insight about student thinking made visible in technology-created work.
  • Create a learning strategy system in your classroom that grounds students before they embrace a technology. 
There's a lot more to consider in that blog entry and I'm proud of them because they capture my own growth at understanding in a different way how to blend tech into instruction. 

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