Genuine Leadership #4: Gratitude

Bad bosses thrive in chaos because it is more difficult to hold them accountable for performance failures in a chaotic culture...Bad bosses create toxic and hostile environments without regard for how it negatively impacts others. They do it because they are insecure. They do it because they are afraid. They do it because they can. Source: How Bad Bossess Compel Good Employees to Leave
One way to become a genuine leader is to identify all the ways you are a bad leader. I've always wondered, wouldn't it be easier to focus on the few things you could do to be a "good" leader? Over time, I've realized that a bad leader can do many of the things a good leader does, but it all goes wrong. It's like watching someone do the right thing with a bad intent. The whole experience comes across as...oily. Even when the good or right thing happens, you are left wanting to reject it.

That's the insidiousness of a bad boss. You are left wanting to reject something which would have been good in almost any other situation.

To be a genuine leader, you must find another way forward. That approach may include gratitude for all that happens. Everyone teaches us something. When we adopt an attitude of gratitude, being grateful can see us through even the worst boss. We learn, not only the ways they are sick and toxic, but if we allow ourselves, to see them as human beings worthy of something more than anger. That is a gift for ourselves that we can find no matter the harsh space we are placed in.

"Develop an 'attitude of gratitude.' Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you." - Brian Tracy

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