Thursday, October 3, 2019

Another Day, Another Data Breach

Working with a local educator, a kind and wonderful school leader, I was astonished to see her face the real life consequences of a spouse's actions with online dating service. Her spouse, a respected individual who had gained a position of authority in a service industry (e.g. fire, police), took his own life before much more than his use of the online dating service could be revealed.
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That experience drove home how important it is to NOT tolerate data breaches in schools, as well in the businesses we use to provide critical services. And, certainly not in the services that some may use to seek out a different lifestyle.

Earlier this month, I received an email from the folks below:
WizCase is a leading source for cybersecurity news. Our team of web security experts have uncovered several glaring leaks, including one in the hospitality industry and another that exposed vulnerabilities in the world’s most popular webcams.
We always inform the companies of the leaks before publishing the information, so they have an opportunity to fix their issues and secure their user’s data.
They shared information about a data breach involving a site, Heyyo:
For Heyyo users, public access to this data is a massive breach of their privacy.
A scammer who accesses the database will be able to find the answers to the following questions about a user.
Which type of partner you’re seeking? (age, location, gender)
How do you describe yourself and the relationships you’re seeking?
Who you are (name, email, etc) and what do you look like?
What’s your location?
What’s your address?
Learn more about the breach from WizCase's website

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