RANT: Default PDF Printing on Windows 10

Update: Sigh. I wrote this when I was angry, and now have cooled down. How silly of me to get angry. But it was fun to write.

Ok, how @#$@$# hard is it, Microsoft? Get the darn message. When I set up my defaults for PDF printing on my Windows 10 computer, I don't want you changing them so you can FORCE me to use Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge has its advantages, but I don't want to use your browser for PDF viewing and printing. I don't care how wonderful it is, how beautiful or more efficient it is. I would rather use a bare-bones PDF viewer like SumatraPDF viewer.

How many @#$#@#@$ times do I need to change the default PDF viewer on my Windows 10 machines and then, two seconds later, try to open a PDF only to see it go to Microsoft Edge? And, yes, I'm doing the OPEN WITH, then CHOOSE ANOTHER APP option.

Note: For fun, I've changed it AGAIN. Let's see how long that lasts. I'll update this post.
I'm going to start booting to Manjaro Linux all the time if you keep this up. Is this REALLY the way you want to encourage me to use Microsoft Edge?

And, I hope no one comes back and says, "Oh, it's so easy to change your default apps." I've done it too many doggone times and then watched them disappear.

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