Genuine Leadership Insights #1: Be Who You Are

Do you collect leadership insights? I do. I hate it. A part of me says, "You already know everything you need to know to be an awesome leader. You only have to implement." At that point, everything falls apart. Right? Implementation is the hardest part of any plan or project.

In this new series, Genuine Leadership Insights, I'll be sharing some of those takeaways I've been collecting forever. They are in this Wakelet, which I add onto every weekend or whenever stumble across an astonishing insight that would change my life if only I could apply it properly.

Ready to get started? Here's the first one.

Be a Genuine, Authentic Leader

“If you want to be an authentic leader and have a meaningful life, you need to do the difficult inner work to develop yourself, have a strong moral compass based on your beliefs and values, and work on problems that matter to you. When you look back on your life it may not be perfect, but it will be authentically yours.” - Bill George, Authentic Leadership (2003) as cited here
Bruce Kasanoff, who cited Bill George above, makes this point as well:
It is so very tiring and draining to appear to be something that we are not. Being genuine is a brilliant career strategy not only because it cuts to the heart of how most of us would love to live, but also because it allows us to bring so much more energy and passion to our daily lives.

It seems the lesson is simple. Be who you are. The alternative isn't worth it. As I was writing this blog entry, I remembered something I'd read of Robert E. Quinn's Change the World.
By honoring and acting in alignment with our ideals, we grow within and increase what Gandhi called “soul force….The clearer we are about ourselves, the greater our capacity for change.  Instead of responding in expected ways, we can step outside of our routines.  Instead of reacting as expected, we choose our response to meet present circumstances” (p. 68)

Something You're Not

What I notice is that some leaders go for. perspective that  less than honest. They are too busy lying. Whatever the reason for that, better to embrace authenticity.

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