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A Model for Classroom Instruction @jsbednar

"What should instruction look like in the classroom?" A simple question, right? Trying to answer it has been a bit of a pain. I've spent time looking for what I learned previously. A part of my search involved looking again at Mike Schmoker's that end, I found the following image (Focus: Elevating the Essentials) quite interesting and helpful.

Image Source: Greece Athena blog
These images are helpful as quick reference guides. It's probably worth sharing what direct instruction looks like. And that brings us to this generous sharing of two diagrams from Joel Bednar.


Joel Bednar (@jsbednar) was kind enough to share these models with me. Thanks so much, Joel! I feel like I hit paydirt, struck gold.  Here's the first of the two posters Joel Bednar shared with!

There is a LOT to unpack in that diagram.

Direct Instruction

As a 5th grade language arts teacher, I taught writing workshop using direct instruction. Right before my first lesson ever, my wife (a veteran classroom teacher) showed me the direct instruction model as a series of posters with a goofy scientist/chemist on the front. I kept that poster in the back of my classroom, clearly visible from where I taught at the front of the room throughout all my early years of teaching. I used it as a visual cue during my teaching AND it was handy during appraisals, too.
I lost that poster when I moved into edtech at the district level, forgetting it in my classroom. I supposed I wouldn't need it again.

Not the actual poster I had in my classroom, but it covers all the same points...just no chemist.
It was such a nice feeling to watch this video and see the steps so well articulated. It reminded me that, "Yes, once I taught like this" before adopting PBL+Tech in my classroom. It's also sobering to realize that the big moves haven't changed in over 25 years I've been on my journey in education.

Image Source: PSIA GRR

After tracking down Joel Bednar on Twitter, I asked him...
What's direct instruction or teaching approach or lesson cycle look like in your classrooms? When teachers stand up to teach, what happens? BTW, thx for attached image!
I figured someone who was bringing Mike Schmoker to their classrooms would have something to say about it.

Sure enough, Joel Bednar's response was:
We hit Madeline Hunter's Lesson Design (ITIP) for effective lessons each and every day! Condensed: Direct Instruction (Modeling), Independent/Guided Practice w/ checks for understanding along the way...Teachers are circulating...engaged!
Now, you're probably thinking, "Didn't Miguel know this already?" The answer would be, "Yes, but I hadn't thought about it much since I left the classroom myself." I feel like I've been thrashing around in the dark trying to reinvent the wheel.

Here's the second image Joel shared with me:

The question I have for you is:

"How often do you see direct instruction, Hunter's lesson design in your edtech work with classroom teachers?

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