Sunday, August 11, 2019

When Windows 10 Runs Slow: Manjaro Linux

At some point over summer vacation, my wife's Dell laptop turned sluggish then stopped working altogether. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it's slow startup had defied various startup optimizing utilities. As we approached the first week of school (she's a second grade teacher in a large urban school district in San Antonio), I realized this wasn't going to work.

As such, I dug out a few USB flash drives and loaded Windows 10 Media Creation tool, a handy program that let's you reload Windows 10 on a machine like my wife's. And, I decided that I would give Manjaro Linux another go as the alternate operating system.

Wow, I had so much fun loading Manjaro Linux that I ended up dropping it onto my Microsoft Surfacebook. It's now running flawlessly and much faster than UbuntuLinux or whatever else I had loaded previously. I'm looking forward to hours of learning pacman and the ins and outs of ArchLinux as expressed in Manjaro Linux.

In no time, I had my old standby apps up and running, including Veracrypt, Thunderbird, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Are you using Manjaro Linux as your dual boot OS for Windows 10? If not, give it a try!

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