Q&A: How To Save Space on My Computer Hard Drive

Early Saturday morning, I received this question via email:
Running low on space on my laptop. I've already backed everything up to my hard drive, but I was wondering if there were programs or a way to look at like what are the big ticket space eaters on my computer so I can delete line by line? Or anything like that you recommend? Thanks!
Wow, this is a question I've had to answer for myself many times on Windows devices. Here's what I shared with this person:

Several steps you can take:

1) WISE Disk Cleaner

WISE Disk Cleaner will clean hard drive. It works great; I use it all the time. However, as great as it is, if your data is being taken up by your own data, you will find the next program below helpful

2) See your hard drive in visual way with WinDirStat

You can use this free program to see what files are taking up the most space on your hard drive. Watch this short video.

A final program you can run that is similar to WISE Disk Cleaner is Bleachbit.

3) Bleachbit

If you get the portable version of these apps (if available), you don't have to install them...they can run off your desktop.

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doug0077 said…
How about something as basic as only keeping your files (especially photos, videos) in cloud and not on the drive? How about looking a programs you never use? How about emptying your trash and browser cache now and again? But then, I am just a retired old guy.
Ha, Doug, you are right, of course. Some folks don't like to keep all their data in the cloud. I use Google's Backup and Sync for my own, and keep about 45 gigs of data in my 120gig Drive repository in the sky. For G Suite EDU, I rely on Google's File Stream solution...both run on my Windows computers, and, of course, on the GNU/Linux side as well. This means I could love everything and my data would be safe. But some folks don't roll like that.

As to emptying trash and browser cache, not to mention Windows.old, etc., that's what the apps are for.

And what's retired got to do with anything? You just had to work it into the conversation....


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