My Top Feature Requests for @Wakelet (Updated: 9/1/19)

The more I work with Wakelet, the more I wish it could do more. These aren't always big changes to the interface. In fact, they may be "small" changes that improve the end-user experience. Since I'm one of those end-users, I want my experience improved!

For awhile, I was trying to keep Wakelet improvements in my head, tweeting them out from time to time. Unfortunately, that's not quite good enough. They are starting to flow out of the thimble-sized buckets I have in my head...probably because I have so many other things competing for attention.

Does Wakelet Plan to Act on These Feature Requests?

I don't know but it's clear that they DO listen to people. Check out this tweet from April, 2018:

So, join me in bugging the awesome developers at Wakelet. Retweet this list. Leave your desired features in the Comments and I'll add them to the list below.

My List of New, Desired Features for Wakelet

Web Interface Features

  1. Create a 3 or 4 grid view. I don't know about you, but having a nice grid of content would make Wakelet an amazing tool for digital choice boards.
  2. Horizontal Text Alignment. Who knew I would miss horizontal text alignment so much? How hard is it to add three little buttons (center, left-align, right-align)?
  3. Enable linking in Wakelet description. Why can't you have hyperlinking in the Wakelet description? There's so much awesomeness that could be linked there!
  4. Multi-select items. Did you know that when you are working with Wakelet, you have to deal with each item ONE at a time? Having multi-select ability to select more than one item for movement or deletion would make life so much easier. Come on, Wakelet!
  5. Support. Who wouldn't want to enable support so I can add hashtags to something in Read It Later's Pocket then see them pop up in a specific Wakelet collection?
  6. Tags/Categories. Wouldn't it be amazing to organize your Wakelet bookmarks, in a collection or not, using tags or categories? This would make it a lot easier to find bookmarks and organize them in collections (e.g. Sort by tag or category).

Mobile App Features

  1. Quick search & save. When saving websites to Wakelet in the mobile app, you have to scroll through a long list of Collections. Why not put a little search box at the top so you can quickly find a collection before saving to it?
  2. Sort collections. Sort collections by recent adds. The collection getting the most recent adds appears at the top of the list. What a time-saver!

What else would you add?

A Few Wakelets

Here are a few of my's not a complete list.

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